Personal Lap Pool

Published: 05th June 2009
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A personal lap pool is a large monetary investment, though the benefits it provides far outweigh the cost for most owners. But for those who frequently change residence, the cost of installing and dismantling most personal lap pools can be quite daunting.
This is what makes the portable lap pool so popular. Portable lap pools are basically rectangular pools that are installed above ground level, and are made for one(or perhaps two) adult swimmers to swim laps in. They are at least 7 feet wide and 10 feet long, but the biggest of them can be up to 12 feet wide and 82 feet long, which is slightly longer than the length of a standard Olympic pool.
Portable lap pools are also suitable for users on a tight budget, as installation costs take up a substantial portion of the money spent on a lap pool. Apart from offering the convenience of a swim in one's own backyard, portable lap pools can also help people circumvent the little inconveniences that usually accompany community swimming pools. Overcrowding, poor hygiene or an unfriendly crowd are problems that a swimmer with never face with a portable lap pool. And just as a swimming pool membership can be found everywhere for a certain fee, a portable lap pool can be dismantled and reinstalled for just about a similar sum of money.
The aspect of personalization of a portable lap pool is also tempting for many buyers. They can be as long and as wide as the swimmer wishes or can accommodate, and can also be heated for convenience. Spa or mild current effects are just an added bonus. They are a great asset by way of recreation, relaxation, stress-busting, fitness boosting, or just cooling off - even if the owner is not a competitive swimmer.

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